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  1. Mr. Zentner,
    I just want you to know that I thought The Serpent King was fantastic. Thank you for sharing this story and I look forward to the next.
    Drew B.

  2. Jeff,
    I really enjoyed The Serpent King, I recommended it to my online book club and have started re reading it. I found the story engaging and the characters believable. I normally don’t like books that disparage my beloved south and it’s way of life; but I understand that this story and these characters could have been placed in any high school in this country and it would have still worked. I think you have properly brought to light just how small the internet has made this world by showing just how small a small town is. Although I am pushing fifty, I read a lot of YA fiction so that I can help guide the reading habits of my two boys. Stories like this one can help ease the growing pains of the teenage years and I thank you for putting pen to paper.

  3. Just finished Goodbye Days. Didn’t want it to end because I miss the characters already. Brilliant book. Loved how Dearly showed up, too. I’m anxiously awaiting your next book!

  4. Hey Jeff Zentner! The only critic that I have is, why aren’t you making a second book for The Serpent King? I loved that this nook was so realistic and did not have a happy ending kind of deal. I did want more though because the end presents more issues like what happens to the characters on their quest for a life. I would really appreciate it if you considered making a second book. It would be so AWESOME!

  5. Jeff,
    You are such a talented writer. I thoroughly enjoyed The Serpent King; for me Dill, Travis and Lydia had the faces of some of the students I have taught over the years. You made them live, and {Travis} die, with the right balance of stark realism and hope.
    I loved the setting. I grew up in Columbia and love Middle Tennessee and southern history warts and all. Thank you for writing literature that encourages youth not to settle for less than is in their reach. I look forward to reading (or listening to:)) more of your books.

    Debbie Carter
    aka Sarah’s mom

    P.S. I have encouraged the librarian in Norfolk to include your books in our libraries.

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