I have some availability to do school and library visits, Skype visits, and speaking engagements, and I love doing them!

Email me at jeffzentner at gmail dot com for rates and availability.

Not only is Jeff a gifted author but he is a natural and gifted speaker. Our students were captivated and intrigued with his knowledge of criminal justice and appreciative of his writing advice. We now have students and teachers alike inspired to write their first novel. An absolute pleasure to work with Jeff.
–Ashleigh Wright, LRC Assistant, Kennedy Junior High
Jeff connected with students from the very beginning of his presentation. He effortlessly weaved stories from his personal and professional lives into the stories of Dill, Travis, and Lydia. His insights left students wanting to read The Serpent King. I can’t wait for his next book, Goodbye Days!
 –John Klein-Collins, 8th Grade Language Arts, Kennedy Junior High
Jeff Zentner captivated the 8th graders with his down-to-earth storytelling of how his unique background influences his writing. His advice to “write what fascinates you” may have left a room full students to write about Jeff!
 –Brian O’Dowd, 8th Grade Language Arts, Kennedy Junior High
When The Serpent King became the new “hot” book among our 8th grade readers, we invited Jeff to Kennedy. His visit exceeded our expectations!  He was flexible and generous with his time, and most importantly, he captivated our students’ attention.  We now have a long waiting list for his March release, The Goodbye Days. Can there be a better recommendation?
 –Doreen Romero, LRC Director, Kennedy Junior High
Jeff is a wonderful speaker – his intelligence, wit & eloquence keeps his audience engaged throughout his entire visit. I would love to have him speak again at our event!
 –Skye Norwood, Teen HQ Coordinator, Louisiana Book Festival